GPM Investments

Business Support Center Careers

GPM Investments, LLC is a great place for individuals to grow in their careers! We currently have multiple Business Support Centers located throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. We use a variety of websites to assist in recruiting the best of the best in the various fields such as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Facilities and many more. Feel free to click the website links to apply to the open roles below and to explore additional opportunities we have available.


  • District Store Managers
    • Bloomington, IN
    • Pittsfield, IL
    • Rockford, IL
    • Champaign, IL
    • Lansing, MI
    • Flint, MI
  • Software Developer – Richmond, VA
  • Store Merchandisers
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Lansing, MI
    • Wilmington, NC

If you would like to submit a resume, feel free to email it to . Be sure to include a cover letter and tell us where your interest lies. With our current growth trends, we are always looking for experienced individuals looking to expand their career goals.

If you are an agency, a signed agreement must be in place before resumes can be submitted or candidate interviews can be requested. This is a requirement. If you have any questions or would like to speak to the Recruiter regarding your services, please email  or call 804-730-1568.