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coffeeWe offer delicious coffee all day long in a variety of flavor profiles and roasts to meet every coffee lover’s needs. From mild to bold, we offer a roast you’ll love made with 100% Arabica Beans. Our delectable limited-time-offer flavored coffee and cappuccino beverages, such as pumpkin spice, are sure to shake up your mornings or serve as a late afternoon pick-me-up.



beveragesWhen you pick up a fountain drink at one of our many locations we give you the freedom to choose the best beverage for you. Whether you go for Pepsi® or Coke® products, we’ve got you covered at all our fountain stores.





Nutrition Information

Hot Beverage:

Wallingford Coffee & Cappuccino Nutrition Information

Cold Beverage:

Coke Fountain Nutrition Information

Coke Frozen Nutrition Information

Dr. Pepper Nutrition Information

ICEE Nutrition Information

Frazil Nutrition Information

Pepsi Fountain Nutrition Information

Ronnoco Lemonade and Iced Tea Nutrition Information

Misc. Beverage:

1-Stop Coffee, Cappuccino & Artic Ice Nutrition Infortmation